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• Canadian Council of Churches
• Department of Religious Studies, Waterloo
• Eternal Springs United Church
• Mennonite Church
• Metropolitan Church Victoria
• Multifaith Centre U of T
• Scarborough Missions
• Temple Anshesholom, Hamilton
• Temple Beth Shalom
• Temple Sinai
• Toronto School of Theology – Emmanuel College
• United Churches of Canada (nearly 50 across Ontario)
• Victoria College
• Vishnu Mandir

• Canadian Armed Forces College
• Canadian Friends of Haifa University
• Carleton University
• Catholic District School Board
• Center for Indo-Canadian Studies, Abbotsford
• George Brown College adult classes
• Learning Partnerships
• Munk Centre
• Snowstar Institute of Religious Literacy
• Toronto District School Board
• UBC, Vancouver
• University of Toronto
• University of Windsor
• Various High Schools and Colleges in Ontario
• York District School Board
• AHISA, Australia

• Ahmaddiya community
• B’Nai Brith of Canada
• Ismaili community
• Verity Women’s Club
• Rotary Clubs
• Bob Ramsay Lunch
• University Women’s Club
• Women’s Federation for World Peace
• Sydney Institute, Australia
• Union University & Schools Club, Sydney Australia

• Federal Government Human Resources Department
• House of Commons, Ottawa
• National Judicial Institute
• Provincial Government offices
• Hose of Commons, UK

Andover Newton Theological School, Massachusetts
Columbia Theological Seminary, New York
Harvard Pluralism Project, Cambridge
Nazareth College, Rochester
State University of New York, College at Brockport
University of Denver, Department of Religious Studies

• Louvre, Paris
• Oxford University, UK
• Cambridge Union, UK
• London School of Economics (LSE), UK
• University of Southampton, UK
• Parliament of World Religions, Barcelona
• The Qatar Foundation, Doha
• Women in Security, Conflict Management and Peace, (WISCOMP) India
• United Nations Human Rights Commission, Geneva
• Facing Tomorrow in Jerusalem, Israel.

JOURNALISM (been published in)

• Globe and Mail, Canada
• The Hamilton Spectator
• The Ottawa Citizen
• The Toronto Star
• The Vancouver Sun
• Calgary Herald
• The National, Abu Dhabi
• Khaleej Times, Dubai
• The Gulf Times, Doha
• Friday Times, Pakistan

• Interfaith Unity Newsletter
• Imagining Global Asia
• Chowk
• Theology in the Vineyard
• The Mark News
• The Commentator
• The Propagandist

• Axial
• Bloom
• Canadian Living
• Desi Life (Toronto Star)
• Muslim Girl Magazine
• Presbyterian Record
• South Asian Profile
• Today’s Bride
• Mississauga Life Magazine

• CBC radio and TV – CBC’s Mosaic Townhall, News, As it happens, The Current, News
• CTV – News and panels
• CTS – Michael Coren, Behind the Story, Faith Journal, Viewpoints
• TV Ontario – The Agenda
• OMNI – News and interviews
• I Channel: Interview
• Sun TV – Ezra Levant, Charles Adler and Michael Coren
• Rogers TV – Goldhawk Live
• Vision TV – panels and interview
• CJAD 800 – News. Talk. Radio. The Richard Brown Show

• Play: Chai Latte
• Documentary: Whose Sharia is it anyway?
• Sacred Music Concert: Spirit of the East
• Artistic Director: Sacred Arts and Music Alliance

• Directory: Muslim Women and Media
• Guide: Managing Media
• Book: Their Jihad – Not My Jihad

• Department of Peace, – Women Promoting Peace
• Snowstar Institute of Literacy – Outstanding Contribution to Religious Life
• CCMW - Muslim Women who make a difference
• Women’s Intercultural Network - Volunteer award
• National Christian-Muslim Liaison Committee – Interfaith work
• Constance E. Hamilton award by City of Toronto – Equitable treatment for women
• Canadian Ethnic Journalists and Writers Club – Excellence in writing
• Association of Progressive Muslims of Ontario – Community Service award
• Toronto Libraries – Short story competition

Good Morning Ms. Raza:
I have just finished reading your book 'Their Jhaid..Not My Jhaid' and I found it thought provoking as well as educational. Thank you for writing it and for all of your efforts to bring about better relationships between people of all races and religion. We are indeed all members of one family. We need to strive more for peace than continue on the paths of conflict and war because in the end none of us win.Thank you for your writing your book; I'm going to pass it on for others to read. V.S.

Whether in her talks or writings, Raheel Raza has always engaged humanity in a moral discourse where all human beings can connect with each other based on common ethical values. In this work, she has courageously sought to incorporate notions of dignity, freedom of conscience, rights of minorities, and gender equality based on the notion of universal moral values. In the process, she engages and challenges the juridical and exegetical formulations of the classical period of Islam. - Dr. Liyakatali Takim, University of Denver

If it were possible to achieve peace and harmony throughout the world through the efforts of one person, that person would be Raheel Raza. There is no one more passionate and more committed to the cause. When she speaks, people listen. - Carola Vyhnak, Manager of Community and Public Relations, The Toronto Star

Raheel Raza is one of the most highly respected scholars in the field of Inter-faith studies that I have the privilege to know. On several occasions, we have worked together on presentations designed to facilitate relationships between the Muslim and Christian communities. She is a very able communicator, and very dialogical in her educational approach. Her analytical insights are sharp, and extremely valued by the wider community. That is part of the reason her frequent articles in The Toronto Star are so well received. There are few scholars I know who have a greater grasp of the current inter-faith issues that challenge us, and who are able to make the connections between these issues and the political, economic and social contexts of our time. As a feminist scholar, she brings a fresh and often prophetic perspective to the raging religious and political debates in our world, and has the courage of her convictions in the process. She does this with the passion of commitment to her own religious tradition, and with deep respect for other paths of religious search and truth. Raheel Raza is dedicated to the pursuit of truth that frees and builds relationships among peoples of diverse cultures. Her scholarship is a reference point for many of us who seek a similar goal. Dr. Hallett Llewellyn, Pastoral Staff, Trinity St. Paul’s United Church, Toronto

“Beyond fabulous!! Raheel Raza, I feel, is one of the best speakers yet!!
She is a wealth of information!! Thanks so much.

“Another fascinating talk by Raheel. She has never failed to impress me. I could have listened to her much longer. How does she find the time and energy to do so much?”

“Wow, she was great. I had no idea there was such a movement among Muslim women for equality and change. The only picture we seem to get is those poor Afghani or Iranian women forced to cover up from head to toe and never allowed to say boo. Thanks. It was terrific.”

“She was a dynamo!.... funny....intellectual...convincing.....captivating.....and if the world was all like her, there would not be any discrimination and racism.”

I spent my high school years in Vancouver, with a high Muslim ratio in our school.  Many of my friends were Muslim and I have a respect for them and their faith and know that many Muslim women do not wear head or face coverings and that one Muslim terrorist does not label ALL Muslims as terrorists.
I know that most people cannot see beyond their prejudice and it pains me as a Canadian to see bigotry and racism alive and doing well in our country.  While most people only hear the negative sides of the Muslim faith, ie terrorism and repression, they do not hear the voices of the many that do not side with, or believe in, those that promote hatred.  We need to hear more voices like yours, so that people can see that there are also many Muslims, men and women alike, that are here in Canada because this is a country they want to call home and are proud to wave the Canadian flag. 
Thank you for your clear, literate, view on this subject.  I hope that your voice and message manages to reach many ears on both sides, the Muslims and non-Muslims alike and that they stand up and pay attention.  I like to think we can all find a way to live together, and hope your perspective opens a few eyes and maybe a few hearts, as well as enlightening people.

Dear Ms. Raza,
I just finished watching your interview on Sun news and I was so impressed with your candidness about the burqua decision. I did not know there was anyone in Canada that was so forthright in their views about this, many tiptoeing around the issue, fearful of Muslim retaliation. I so totally agree with you 100% and having been born in this country, I get frustrated with the seeming abuse of immigrants who come to Canada for the benefits, yet still want to do their own thing and even moreso, want the Canadian culture to bow to their ways. I know many people who hold similar views, but 'political correctness' has gone to the extreme and the average citizen keeps their mouth shut. Maybe this decision will open the door for some positive dialogues.
I found myself writing a comment to our local TV station that was taking a poll about today's decision(CTV Calgary) and found myself (not usually short of words) holding back as to what I would truly like to say, which was, if you don't like the rules of  'your new' country, then you are free to leave, otherwise adjust! And I loved your 'tent' analogy, really brought it home.
I read your website about your incredible history and accomplishments. How have I missed you all this time? Canada is blessed to have such a woman of your caliber and commitment in all the work that you do. I am interested in learning more.
I am so encouraged by today's decision and glad I caught the interview and learned a bit about you. Just wanted to say thank you. So glad you made Canada your home and all the best in your future endeavors.



• GLOBAL WARNING: Human Rights, Terrorism and the Climate of Fear
• THE UNITED COLOURS OF ISLAM: Islam and Pluralism
• JIHAD FOR DUMMIES – Understanding the spirit of true Jihad
• WOMEN IN SCRIPTURE: On Leadership and Authority
• INTERSECTION OF RELIGION AND LAW: diversity at the crossroads
• THAT WE MAY KNOW EACH OTHER: Who is my neighbour?
• THE CULT OF MULTICULTURALISM: good, bad and the ugly
• ACCOMODATION OR ANGST? Reasonable accommodation issues
• ONE HEART AT A TIME: Building bridges of understanding
• BEYOND POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: A dialogue of honesty and humour
• DO MUSLIMS EAT KETCHUP? Understanding Muslims
• CELEBRATING OUR DIFFERENCES: diversity in action
• WE NEED PEACE, NOT PIECES: global peace building
• USING WEAPONS OF MASS INSTRUCTION: Knowledge as a basis of eliminating racism and discrimination
• THEIR JIHAD – NOT MY JIHAD: Understanding the message of Islam
• BEYOND THE FLUFF STUFF: Living and working with diversity
• IDENTITY CRISIS? Respecting multiple identities
• SPIRITUALITY IN ISLAM: the sacred spiritual message of Islam
• EQUAL RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITES – in light of HIV/Aids in women


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