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"Raheel Raza is a very impressive, open, challenging, and well informed speaker. Hers is a voice of compassion and tolerance in a religious world that too often contradicts these greatest of human qualities. She always impresses me as a breath of fresh air so badly needed internationally among the complexity of social and religious concerns that compose our post-modern world."
-David Galston, Ph.D., President SnowStar Institute

"Thank you so much for your brilliant words at last night’s panel. We have been hearing positive feedback all day long - confirming what we felt was one of our most successful events. Your voice and vision were so clear and inspiring. It was clearly coming from your heart and soul. We wish you continued success as you build bridges in Toronto, and around the world. We definitely need more people like you."
-Kathryn Lohre, Harvard Pluralism Project, Harvard

"Raheel Raza is a vibrant, energetic and extremely articulate presenter. With warmth and enthusiasm she engages her audience in a way that does not just leave them informed and energized, though she does that indeed, but inspires and challenges all who hear her to think for them selves and act for the sake of others. She transforms and is transforming and all with good humour and great grace."
-The Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton

"Dear Raheel, my students absolutely loved your presentation! They are still talking about the class. You gave a great presentation."
-Prof. Chung Hyung Kung, Union Theological Seminary, Columbia.

"Raheel is knowledgeable, reveals her humanity through her personal warmth and sense of humour, and is courageous enough to face difficult questions."
-Rev. Andrew Jensen, Kent Presbitery of The United Church of Canada






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