• Global Warning – Human Rights, Terrorism and the Climate of Fear

    • The Dignity of Differences

    • The Passion and Politics of Islam

    • Women in Scripture – on Leadership and Authority

    • My soul is a woman – feminism in Islam

    • Who is my neighbour? – Knowing each other

    • Intersection of Religion and law – judging in a framework of diversity

    • Diversity at the Crossroads

    • Accommodation or Angst – freedoms & responsibilities

    • The myth multiculturalism

    • Women’s Voices essential to the battle against fundamentalism

    • The Silent Revolution – Women of Islam

    • One Heart at a Time – Building Bridges of Understanding

    • Lifting the Veil of Ignorance

    • Muslims and Media – a rocky relationship

    • Jihad for Dummies: everything you thought you knew about Islam but were afraid to ask.

    • We need PEACE – not pieces!

    • Engaging with Reality – Cultural Diversity at work

    • Celebrating our Differences in Canada

    • Working towards a better understanding of diversity in a post 9/11 era

    • American Melting Pot vs. Canadian Multiculturalism – pros and cons








Their Jihad..Not My Jihad
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