Presenting a panel at the Clarity Conference

With Seyran Ates founder and Imam of The Ibn Rushd-Goethe Mosque in Berlin

With Baroness Caroline Cox and fellow activists in Salzburg

Sam Westrop of the Middle East Forum

With The Honorable Joe Oliver

With George Bush

With Stephen Gorka

Speaking at the UN Geneva

US Congress testimony

With Malala's Father in UK

Speaking tour UK

Speaking at a Conference

Speaking in Israel

Secularism 2016

Multifaith Meeting

Israel Legal Forum

Islamic Reform Conference UK

Interview with Rebel News

Honor Diaries speaker

Harvard Pluralism

Fox News

Forum For Learning Event

With Maajid Nawaz of Quilliam

Facing Tomorrow Conference Jerusalem

Vancouver School of Theology

Secularism conference

Ottawa Conference

With Deepak Chopra and Navin Chandaria

With a colleague at The Clarity Conference in Salzburg

With Roy Brown at The Clarity Conference in Salzburg

With Ensaf haider at UN

Meeting Laureen Harper

With Coleman Barks at Rumifest

Panel at the UN

With Bill Maher

Reform Conference, Aspen

Rebel News

With Bill O'Reilly

Australia speaking tour

Facing Tomorrow Conference Israel

Dr. Daniel Pipes in Toronto

Launch of MRM

Honor Diaries Launch

Interfaith conference, Montreal

With Ayaan Hirsi Ali and a fellow activist

With Daniel Pipes, founder of Middle East Forum

With Hassan Chaighoumi, Imam from France and Soraya Deen

With Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, his wife and Dalia Aqidi

At an event to honor Nikki Hailey

Dubai Days: With actor Sean Connery

Dubai Days: With the Royal Family of Oman

Dubai Days: Meeting Sanjeev Kumar

Dubai Days: With author Arthur Hailey

UNHRC Geneva

TedX Amsterdam

Mark Steyn Show

Launch of Muslim Reform Movement

Ralley in London

Israel conference

International Women's Day

Interfaith Conference, BC

ICC Jerusalem

EMET award

With Dr. Zuhdi Jasser

Conversation with Native elder

British Parliament

With Bill Maher

Baroness Cox Rally, London UK

Award from Simon Wiesenthal Centre

Rally at Queens Park Toronto

SWC Award Ceremony

Intl Womens Day 2019

Sydney Institute Australia

Film Festival