When I was in school, there was always the one kid who constantly ratted on others and called them names. When challenged, he hid behind the teachers skirt and curried favours from them. He became the teachers ‘pet’ and no one could touch him. Would you be surprised, if one day, found alone that kid could be roughed up?
A similar scenario seems to be playing out in North America.
Thanks to the ‘victim ideology’ promoted by the likes of CAIR and their darling Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, some Islamist individuals and organizations seem to be getting away with hate mongering at a dangerous level. Omar has left no stone unturned in her vicious anti-Semitism. At the same time she’s lobbying for release of a Muslim Brotherhood operative and worse, she spoke about 9/11 as “some people who did something”. Does she think people are stupid? Omar’s ongoing diatribes not only expose her hatred but like the kid who irritated other kids and got away with it, Omar also lashes out with the confidence that she can get away with saying whatever she likes and nothing will happen.
The hate perpetuated by Omar is very dangerous. As we know from the new documentary Kids Chasing Paradise by Clarion Project, hate leads to radicalization which leads to violence. Omar is from Somalia and should be focused on Somali youth who are at risk of being radicalized, instead of fanning the flames of hate and division.
North of the border, in Canada the same drama is being played out where Islamists wrap themselves in a cloak of protection by Motion 103 (which is that basically critiquing Muslims or Islam makes you an Islamophobe). While indulging in deflection, wilful ignorance and offensive remarks, they are being handled with cotton gloves by political and religious leaders so they feel they can blame everyone else but continue to be hateful themselves. As soon as they are called out, they yell ‘Islamophobia’.
There is a strong sentiment by ordinary Canadians that Islamist organizations are being pandered to and getting special handling despite some of the subversive activities they are involved in.
On April 6, an event was held at the Noor Cultural Centre in Toronto titled: Dalit & Muslim Persecution in India: History and Current Politics; Noor claims to be a ‘progressive’ Islamic center. But the ideology of the administration at Noor, is troubling.
According to a report in The New Delhi Times which was forwarded to me by an irate and frustrated Hindu friend, at this event Muslim speakers called the Hindu Gods, Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu rapists. As well at the discussion, a Muslim speaker accused the ‘Hindu Right’ of being in cahoots with American White Supremacists and then demanded Prime Minister Modi be sent to prison for abandoning his wife. According to one eye witness, there were uniformed guards at the event so no one could object or speak out and the audience was informed as much

Canadian Islamic Centre spokesperson refers to Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu as rapists

Such blatant hate has never been seen in Toronto. One wonders if this was their own initiative or are they playing out the agenda of India’s enemies?
Some years ago when we had the Toronto launch of Honor Diaries, the same mother-daughter team that run the Noor Center came and threw a temper tantrum and then proceeded to write a piece lambasting the film. However, they could not pinpoint any factual inconsistencies.
First the Jews, then the Hindus – who next? Obviously these Muslims do not understand the concept of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.
At this tenuous time when the gulf between people of faith is increasing, how are Islamist organizations and institutions that deal in ‘fake’ interfaith dialog (and blame their own shortcomings on white supremists) any different?