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September 2012

The truth about Islam By Expatlogue

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September 25, 2012 by expatlogue English: A green version of (Photo credit: Wikipedia) There was once a time when muslims were just another demographic in a vast and varied world. Those days have taken on the sepia tinge of memory. The global consciousness is now saturated with daily headlines and images of righteous muslim […]


Media Must Take Lead in Dismantling the Falsehood that Anti-Muslim Film Was a Jewish Project By Rabbi Abraham Cooper Simon Wiesenthal Center

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Published in Pakistan Link, Friday September 21, 2012  “Innocence of Muslims” is a poorly produced anti-Islam film that has been used to fuel protests and violence on American diplomatic postings in Libya, Egypt and Yemen, leaving our ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, dead. Protests and violence have now spread to […]


Inside the UN Human Rights Council

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Xenophobia and Religious Intolerance in Islamic Societies Is a Result of Deliberate Misinterpretation of Islamic Scriptures, Sultan Shahin Tells UNHRC

DATE : September 16, 2012 AUTHOR : COMMENTS : One Comment

Full Text of the Oral Statement by Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam Uniited Nations Human Rights Council, 21st session, Geneva – 10 — 28 September 2012 Agenda item 3: Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief. On behalf of: World Environment and Resources Council (WERC) 14 September […]


Center for Inquiry Joint statement with International Humanist and Ethical union UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL: 21st Session 10 – 28 September 2012 Speaker: CFI Representative, Raheel Raza, Friday 14 September 2012 Agenda Item 2/3: Reports on Somalia and Northern Mali Islamic Extremism and the OIC

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 Madam President The reports on Somalia [A/HRC/21/36] and Northern Mali [A/HRC/21/64] highlight a far wider problem that we are also witnessing in Libya, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia: the excesses of those dedicated to violent, extremist interpretations of Islam. The destruction of Sufi shrines and the imposition of strict sharia in northern Mali; […]



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Silence is the mother of truth.  ~Benjamin Disraeli Between the ugly, thunderous & violent roar of the radical extremists and the wishy washy whimper of the majority, lies THE SILENT VOICE. Come and hear this voice at the launch of The Council For Muslims Facing Tomorrow Our Mission: Whereas in the contemporary world the […]