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MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM “A VERY MERRY MUSLIM” By Raheel Raza The last time I wrote a column about saying Merry Christmas without feeling guilty was a few years ago and I recall noting in conclusion that I hope I don’t have to write this again because the message is loud and clear. Alas political correctness […]


Patrick Louch begins his message to me by saying “I was led to you..” But all of life is one leading to another

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The Masks of God By Patrick Louch, July 23, 2007 Throughout the time of Humankind, peoples of every race, Believed in gods of every kind, Each with a different face.   At the core of each belief is myth, and they point to salvation. But if you look a little closer, you’ll see the diversity […]


Raheel Raza’s visit to Kanata United Church in Ottawa

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Raheel Raza, noted author, journalist and interfaith advocate, was welcomed to Kanata United Church (KUC) on November 5 & 6. This event began a two-year interfaith program, ‘Living Together – The Children of Abraham: Jews, Christians and Muslims’. Raheel first met with the youth of KUC and Glen Cairn United Church. They asked her many provocative […]


Is Political Correctness an excuse for avoiding Culturally Sensitive issues?

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The Canadian Association of Settlement & Employment Workers hosted a Debate held at Yorkwoods Library Theatre on Monday Dec 6, 2010 THE TOPIC –  IS POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AN EXCUSE FOR AVOIDING CULTURALLY SENSITIVE ISSUES? I spoke in favor of the motion and the house unanimously agreed! Let me begin by being politically IN-CORRECT otherwise we’ll […]