In a diverse country like Canada where myriads of faiths and culture live together, we work hard at co-existence and keeping communities together. This needs mutual respect and tolerance plus a total condemnation of hate, wherever it’s coming from.
There is one day that embarrasses me as a Muslim because it’s all about hate. This is the Al Quds day parade, a hate fest (in an already increasing atmosphere of rising anti-Semitism) that takes place every year in public. Imagine a parade being organized against Muslims; what part of “Islamophobia” will that fall under and what would be the government’s reaction?
We have spoken out against this before, and will say it again. There is no place for hate!
As Canadians should we follow the agenda of Hamas, Hezbollah and the IRGC using ordinary Muslims as pawns or should we focus on our relations with each other which needs a lot of work?
Why do we even allow such hate to be paraded on our streets.
We say NO to Al Quds day.