On this International Women’s Day I wish to salute the following:
• Yazidi women who truly know the meaning of struggle against the injustices of the world
• The women of Syria who are struggling to survive against all odds
• The brave women of Iran who by throwing off their head covers in protest are showing the world the true meaning of throwing off the fetters of theocratic oppression
• Ensaf Haider for not only lobbying for Raif Badawi’s release from a Saudi prison but showing what courage really means
• Krishna Kumari Kohli, a member of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), for becoming the first ever Hindu Dalit woman to become a Senator
• (In absentia) Asma Jehangir for having paved the way for women’s rights in the Muslim world and standing up for minorities in a patriarchal and sectarian society
• All the Western women who have the wisdom to turn away from the likes of Linda Sarsour and her theatrics and have the sense to know what “real” feminism is about
In solidarity with women worldwide who undergo injustices and the tyranny of FGM, forced and underage marriage, sexual abuse and honor based violence.