Every evening for the past two weeks OCD announces, “we have a LOT to do tomorrow so let’s make a To-Do List”. Like a good submissive wife (yeah right – in your dreams baby) I grab a pad and paper (remember we have these all over the house in case of emergency) and sit down. I jot down whatever he says and do not remind him that the last five lists, mentioned most of the same items. That would be just mean 😊 All I do is put the paper on the side of the desk knowing that he’ll only look if I remind him – which I don’t. Survival mode.
My To-do list is simple – write a book and write a script. I am doing these as diligently as I can given the constant interruptions to pick my clothes, clear the sink, provide a snack, check the fridge and other banal stuff which gets mostly ignored. Everyday I have to do a check on the fridge to see what’s running low. This is something I’ve never done before so I find it quite irritating. I mean the fridge always has so much stuff that I can manage for two weeks but if something is low, it has to be replenished right away in case (God Forbid) we run out.
I got yelled at for walking around barefoot after reading in one meme that this is good for reflexology. Apparently, it leaves marks on the floor! I am a sucker for these things and will follow almost all suggestions for natural health cures. In this regard I suggested to OCD that he drink Apple Cider vinegar and his response was “only if you leave it out for me”. So, like a good submissive wife, every night I pour the vinegar in a shot glass (just so he thinks he’s taking a regular shot) and put Vitamin C and Echinacea out for him.
Today I was given an ‘Executive Order’ to fix the cigars i.e. humidify them. That’s been my job for years. I have to first clean the boxes with antiseptic wipes and then gently add the special humidity liquid because OCD does not want to use distilled water since its needed for hospitals. He took a special trip to get the special liquid. I’m not allowed to touch the cigars – not that I want to since I suspect they must have been rolled on Cuban maiden thighs – yuck. Although he’s well stocked with lovely Cuban cigars, I’m gently suggesting that once this fracas is over, he take another trip to Cuba with his friends (Aaaahhh soon)
This is to prove that I’m not completely useless and do a few things that he can’t. I do all the computer and technology work because OCD never learned to do banking online. I want to teach him in case I am no longer around but he is resistant to old-age learning.
He’s quite chirpy for all the attention and sympathy he’s getting. I’m ready for him to dictate a rebuttal which I will happily type up and post but that’s a challenge I’m waiting for him to take up when he’s done cleaning, mopping and wiping.