Ohkay….things are settling down, but not OCD. After his below-the-belt remark about the ‘broom’, I tried to ‘socially distance’ myself and pout. Neither worked. Because I need his brain for my writing and his brawn for the housework. Besides pouting is not my thing. It only suits people with rosy chubby cheeks who have mastered the art of.
I decided to find a way to wreak revenge. So, I challenged him either to a board game or cards. He chose Scrabble (which is good because he’s undefeatable in cards) announcing “I only play to win!” He must have been referring to the games he plays with his grandchildren. He also accused me of cheating. So, the Scrabble board was set up. But wait. First it was sanitized, then the board had to be placed at a particular angle. He watched me like a hawk and vice-versa and irritated me by constantly re-arranging the tiles so they were perfectly synched. Plus, he made me draw straight lines for the score keeping which was also checked and rechecked. Sheesh. But I beat him with a huge margin. So, he’s not really speaking to me and pouting again with mumbles about how he got no vowels. He’s calling up all his cronies for support. Sad OCD. Well that’s that – so he will have to heat his own dinner tonight.
On the more human side, yesterday on the radio, while the newscaster was reading serious news (obviously from her home) a kid started crying and she burst out laughing saying it was her three-year old daughter. Same thing happened during a serious webinar I was part of. The facilitator’s two-year old son ran into the room so he had to excuse himself to take him to another room. All this puts such a warm, humane face to things we take for granted. I love it!
Lots of phone calls. Interesting one was from a Toronto family where the husband went to Pakistan (his friend gave him a fully furnished house there) while the family is still here. He was calling desperately to find ways to come back so I called the wife. She said “please please let him be there as he’s a problem and would have driven us crazy because he will not stay at home”. So, I shut up and immediately assumed the ‘social distance’ pose. I am not telling on her.
I confess that with the isolation and reflection, I’ve become a bit quieter. Reminds me of my school reports which were always Grade A but each one had a remark that said “Talks too much”. If only they could see me now.
Winning is a high. We shall live to play another day. Signing off for now.
On a serious note, Happy Passover and a Blessed Easter.