(The following is a response from some coward who does not even want to give his name but wants to make all sorts of judgements. The last line is very revealing in terms of threat – just shows the psyche of the person and the group he is defending. I REST MY CASE)
Text of email under the name of Air Pickone:
I read your article (Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you: a caliphate!) , and I personally cannot believe how idiotic you are. I then checked your website and found to my further astonishment photos of you holding the holy Quran. Have you even read the book? Also since you weren’t wearing hijab, I can only hope you had washed yourself before touching it. Beyond the point of Islam, how dare you make such disgusting comments about Australia and how ‘naive’ Australia is, when like you said you ‘live 1000s of miles away’. You have no idea about Australia and articles like yours only increase a climate of fear that is already being propagated by foreigners, I have heard of sisters being attacked and spat on because of ‘being a radical muslim’ (aka wearing a hijab) and without a DOUBT in my mind it is people like YOU who give them the justification in doing so. How does it feel knowing that somewhere in the world some racist has done/or is intending to do an act of hate due to an article you wrote.

And please don’t pretend that it is your ‘interfaith dialogue’ that is building bridges. You are not helping ANYONE other than yourself, you cannot even practice the religion properly let alone be a spokesperson for the Muslim community. Also you seem extremely against any Islamic system, can I ask you a question? What system do you think the Prophet Muhammad (saaw) implemented, a democratic? Also HT is not asking for an Islamic state in Australia.

As the name so clearly states “”Uprisings in the Muslim Word… on the road to Khilafah” “. Maybe you missed the keyword but let me highlight it for you, MUSLIM WORLD. Islam for MUSLIMS.

Anyway I would wish that 1) you corrected yourself and stopped preaching falsehood under the false cover of Islam or 2) admit that you have apostated from Islam, you act the way you do to please non-believers NOT Allah (swa).

Another point, please talk about your stance on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the occupation of Palestine. I would like to see you talk about some more controversial topics and see how you sidestep the issue in your attempts to please the west.

May god help you or may he destroy you, because surely you have caused suffering to other Muslims upon this Earth.