Canadian elections are in less than a week and the cards dealt to Canadians from the political deck are: Three jokers and a Trump!

Although these may be the most crucial elections of our times, the one word that describes them is “boring”! It’s no wonder then that most Canadians are more interested in the U.S. 2020 elections rather than their own just a week away (October 21).

Enter the Islamists. As a Muslim, I am encouraged to see more Muslim candidates, but I fear of the entrance of the Islamists, particularly those influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood or their affiliates like the Jamaat-e-Islami or the Pakistani Interservice Intelligence (ISI) operating freely in Canada and sticking their nose in politics.

Let’s focus on the front running parties in this election which are the Liberals and Conservatives. They are so paranoid about being portrayed as “Islamohobes,” they are paying no heed to political wolves coming in sheep’s clothing.

Case in point: the introduction of Motion M103 by a Liberal Islamist member of parliament. This is a prime example of playing into the Islamists agenda.

Unfortunately, the conservatives — although promising to stand behind moderate Muslims — have shunned moderate Muslim candidates like Salim Mansur and Tahir Gora for fear of criticism.

Now they are both running as candidates for the People’s Party of Canada.

The Parties
Mandate: More money for middle class families, climate crisis, stronger gun control, environment and gender equality.


Mandate: peace and freedom on the world stage, responsible management of taxpayers’ money, a welcoming land of refuge for the world’s persecuted and afflicted, the defense of clean Canadian technologies and a clear understanding of responsibilities between levels of government.

NDP (New Democratic Party)

Mandate: Universal pharmacare, climate, clean energy jobs, affordable housing, rights of indigenous people and affordable child care.

PPC (People’s Party of Canada)

Mandate: Canadian identity (ending official policy of multiculturalism and preserving Canadian values and culture), immigration, freedom of Expression.

Bloc Quebecois:
Mandate: Canada’s leading separatist political party (only runs candidates in Quebec).

Green Party
Mandate: Environment and climate change

The Players
Justin Trudeau (Liberal)
Charismatic but plays identity politics. Famous line: “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.”

Justin Trudeau has taken a beating on many fronts and is embroiled in controversies:

Paid over $10m self-confessed convicted terrorist Omar Khadr
Tried to cover up the SNC Lavalin scandal through political interference and fired Minister of Justice and Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould
While Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, a top-ranking officer was charged and accused with breach of trust for allegedly leaking confidential details of a cabinet discussion about a supply ship contract, Trudeau had to have the case dismissed due to lack of evidence
Exposure of photos with “Brown Face”
Scolded more than once by ethics commissioner for taking a family vacation at an Island of the Aga Khan
Took a family trip to India where he pretended to be a Bollywood star and danced the Bhangra while he was snubbed by Prime Minister Modi causing great embarrassment to Canada

Andrew Scheer (Conservative)
Some would say he would make a great mayor of a small town but has a long way to go in order to establish himself as the leader of a G7 country.

Scheer is terrified of being called a racist or an Islamophobe so his advisors keep him politically correct. This also means allowing Islamist candidates to be nominated by his party, as well as having meetings with known hate-spouting Islamists while promising moderate Muslims that he is on their side.

He has kept out winnable Muslim candidates who have criticized radical Islam while parachuting in prominence Islamists and Khomeini lovers.

He has learned from Justin Trudeau how to play identity politics and even though he’s a front runner, his policies on immigration, health care and climate change are similar to those of Trudeau

Jagdeep Singh (NDP)
Although the most eloquent and seemingly most caring of the lot, policies of his party veer extreme Left. He keeps calling everyone racist and will not speak out against troubling issues like the Khalistani Sikhs who want a separate homeland in the Punjab or radical Islamists.

Maxime Bernier (PPC)
Here is a man who says it as he sees it. But from the outset he has been labelled racist and is running at three percent of the popular vote.

All he wants is to be able to discuss and debate issues like Immigration, freedom of speech and trade. But in this politically correct environment, he has a real challenge on his hands as his party is brand new, so he is being shunned from media coverage.

Yves-François Blanchet (Bloc Quebecois)
Bloc Quebecois is a Left-wing nationalist party which believes in Quebec sovereigntism, regionalism, republicanism, environmentalism and social democracy. They have a very small following

Elizabeth May (Green Party)
This tree-hugging party has supported policies strengthening participatory democracy, nonviolence, social justice, sustainability, respect for diversity and ecological wisdom. Their main mandate is climate change. They have a very small following as well.

My Prediction for the Canadian Elections
My position is not unique. The majority of Canadians believe that there is going to be a minority government, which means that Canadians will have to go through this boredom once again (probably within two years).

I can only pray that the cards dealt to them at that time will be better for all of Canada.

Meanwhile my humble suggestion to Canadians is: Vote you must even if it means the choice is between three jokers and a Trump.