When Pakistani born Canadian photographer Naureen Shah sent out an invitation for her photo exhibition (below) she wasn’t surprised that very few males responded.
But she WAS surprised and taken aback at the hateful hostility and attacks levelled at her. She has since received a slew of hate mail, mostly from Pakistani males. The most current one http://www.siasat.pk/forum/showthread.php?122521-Naked-Stare-of-a-Pakistani-Man-Exhibition-by-a-Shameless-Pakistani-Photographer-in-Canada invites Canadian Pakistanis to stop this exhibition from taking place and to revoke Naureen’s Pakistani passport. People are asked to write to the Pakistani consulate.
This is ironic. The Pakistani Consulate in Toronto is just reeling from a sex scandal where a Consular official has been accused of sexually assaulting a female passport applicant. Pakistanis who are blogging against Naureen should know that she is only showing photographs whereas the Consulate is a hotbed of intrigue and physically dangerous to women so why don’t they ask Pakistani-Canadians to go and rally outside the Pakistani Consulate???? The double standards are so obvious. Batter women because you can. This is exactly what this photography exhibition is about.
It’s interesting to note that Naureen has rendered no opinion about this exhibit – the photos speak for themselves but it seems that Pakistanis are not able to stomach any criticism and lash back with facts which if they were not so dangerous, would be funny.
We are both supposedly on the payroll of the Ahmadis!

Naked Stare of a Pakistani Man Photography Exhibition by Naureen Shah
DATE: Saturday, July 14, 2012
VENUE: The industREALarts Room, 688 Richmond St. West, Toronto, Ontario M6J 1C3 (Near Bathurst & Queen West)
EVENT TIMINGS : 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm
SPOKEN WORD: By Raheel Raza at 4:30pm
About the Photographer:
Naureen Shah has been working as a freelance photographer for the past 20 years. Besides working for the major publications and advertising agencies in Pakistan Naureen’s work in recent years has concentrated on women and women’s issues. In Toronto she has worked for the Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star. In August 2002 Naureen traveled to the Afghan Refugee camp Jalozai to photograph the flight of Afghan Refugee women and children. Her work on Afghan women has been widely exhibited in Canada, United States and Pakistan. Naureen aims through her photography to celebrate and pay tribute to women and highlight not only their issues but also their strength.

Artist Statement:

” It had never occurred to me, until my last trip to Pakistan, that I could develop some kind of connection with Pakistani men, especially the ones in the street through my camera. If I had stayed in Pakistan, I would have never thought of doing this project. Class issues and fear would have come in the way. This is one of the phenomenon that happen with immigration…you can look at your society from a distance. Feeling that I was a foreigner gave me the courage to approach men in the streets of Pakistan….. felt somehow safe, that they would not hurt me. There in my own country, with my own people, with people that look like me. But in retrospect, I don’t think Pakistani men have changed. I am the one that has changed”.

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  • expatlogue says:

    It goes without saying that cultural factors have a huge influence on how men and women are treated in Pakistani society. And also how Pakistani muslims view other cultures. As a white woman in a marriage with a Pakistani man, I had to listen to many conversations about how white women are “easy”, have no morals and are undeserving of dignity and respect when we visited my in-laws. Ghoray (male & female) in general were viewed with contempt.
    But the problem won’t disappear unless Pakistanis stop seeing all criticism as a personal slur and rant against their country. Yes, there are many who indulge in verbal “Pakistani Bashing” , but in the same way that we need to be able to separate Islamism from Islam, we need to separate the real problems in Pakistan from the racist smears and start to act on them – before they spread a stain on the lives of another generation.
    Did you see this article Raheel? It was in the comment thread whose URL you posted above:

  • bashir khan says:

    You Qadiani living in Canda on asylum stop worrying about pakistani…..How u get nationality is well known to everyone

  • Muzammil Khan says:

    a moron trying to support another one, since you guys have left the country dont you have anything else apart from talking nonsense about the country. people like you are the symbol disgrace for our country. and unfortunately if you see the muslim history we would found many idiots like you Mir Jaffer and Mir Sadiq who could go to any extent in defaming and damaging the reputation of the country due to their own emotional issues.

    So Grow up and find something else to sell your “Sooda”

    • Sarah says:

      Staring is a HUGE problem in pakistan even if these idiot males deny it. Go anywhere and you will find a guy eyeing like you are fresh meat. Ive seen men riding bikes catcalling or staring at women siting inside their own damn cars. I myself have felt like taking out their eyeballs i feel so sick of it. Before u deny all this go and fix ur eyeballs and brains.

    • Sarah says:

      No men who stare are a big disgrace to the country. If someone is trying to raise an issue we should appreciate it. Fix members of ur gender first!