October has been officially declared as Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario after a Private Member’s Bill was tabled but now has been unanimously passed by Legislature.
Ontario Provincial NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says Islamic Heritage Month is an opportunity to eliminate Islamo-phobia and for Canada to celebrate and learn about the history of Islamic culture.
So let’s talk about Islamic heritage because it’s an important step towards educating Muslims and non-Muslims.
I’m curious to know if the following important historical event from Islamic History is being discussed and taught during Islamic Heritage Month.
October 12 is the day of Ashura which is the tenth day of first month of the Islamic lunar calendar called Muharram. This day is a tragic reminder of how the grandson of our Prophet and his followers (including an infant) were brutally slaughtered by fellow-Muslims for power and control. The small band of 72 people in Karbala, Iraq including women and children were deprived of water and while thirsty in the desert were killed, beheaded with the heads raised on spears, one by one while the women watched.
The universal message of the tragedy of Karbala is to expose hypocrisy and to uphold truth and justice. It stands as an example of good over evil; of justice over injustice; of truth over falsehood and of bravery over cowardice.
It’s an important message that needs especially to be heard today as we are faced with violence and barbarity in the name of our faith. The reason for the rise of groups like ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Taliban etc. is that we have sidelined one of the most important lessons in Islamic History for the sake of deflection, self loathing and political correctness.
Its time to lift the veil of hypocrisy, acknowledge our history and reflect where we went wrong.



  • DDAY says:

    How come their is no Christian Heritage month?….Learning the heritage of the Christian faith?.To tell you the truth I’m not interested in the Muslim faith, but I would be interested in reading or having a Christian Heritage month.

  • tinahomeblog says:

    Everything you say is absolutely true. I agree with you about everything.
    I also have many Muslim friends who also think like you.

  • ashley says:

    Islam needs a reform. The Koran seems to me to violent to disbelievers when I read it.