Once again evil has struck New York City. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims and those injured.
Facts are quite straight forward:
• Its cowardly
• It will happen again
• This is part of the “war on the West” declared by the Jihadists
• There are no ‘lone wolves’
• This was done in the name of Jihad
• Politicians will deflect
• My co-religionists will go on the defensive
• The victim-hood ideology will swing into action
• Is there a solution? Yes there is but is anyone listening. No!
• There is a systemic problem which is not being addressed head on.
• What action is being taken against ISIS fighters coming home to Western countries?
• What action is being taken to go to the root of radicalization based on teaching hate?
• When there are converts involved, who is converting them?
• When there is radicalization going on, are we peeping into the pulpit?
It’s time to end the terror!


One Comment

  • Proud Canadian woman says:

    Great response to this latest horror in New York city, Raheel.
    This constant fear of attacks by another crazy person, claiming his murders in the name of his God, have to be STOPPED!
    Hate is not a religious belief, but only fear & ignorance!
    Please forward your action plan to our Canadian government to see if they can protect innocent people who believe Canada is a safe place to live.