O YOU – THE MEN OF MY NATION (Spoken word at Naureen’s photo exhibit)

O You – the men of my nation who like to stare
O you – the men of my nation, are you aware
That your unsettling stare
Creeps under our skin and give gives us chills..
Your stare isn’t the look of one who cares
It’s sharp and abrasive as though women should beware.
O you – the men of my nation
Why do you continue to stare?
As fathers, brothers and sons
Do you not care
That your piercing stare
Strips us of our dignity and respect?
O you – the men of my nation who stare
Do you realise that you’re not being fair
To women and girls who are born free
But shackled by your glare as you stare
You pin us down with your baleful glare
To make us aware…..of our hair and what we wear
Laying bare your frustration and repressed sexual desire
Because you’ve been conditioned
To believe that women are not your equals
So you have a right to control and scare.
O you – the men of the this land of the pure
You continue to stare with looks so impure
Overtly pious with long beards and prayer beads
Do you not read the holy scripture that commands
You to lower your gaze – and not to stare?
Yet you dare……
O you – the men of my nation you need to be aware
That we are humans and not ornaments to be decorated
Here and there….not a booty to share….
O you – the men of my nation
This is no game – have you no shame?
U say u stare because you care
U say there is no evil in your glare
But your eyes lie as you continue to stare, you make us aware
Of misogyny and power because we are women!
Hold down that stare …..hold back that glare
O You – the men of my nation… learn to care because
The women of my nation are fighting back – so you beware!


One Comment

  • Bozo the Clown says:

    I stare if a girl is showing it off … legs, cleavage, a rotund behind, etc. If she is dressed modestly, I tend to respect that (Not everyone does, agreed). Part of eastern culture.