Raheel Raza on the Tennessee Attack: It’s a War, Stupid

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July 20, 2015

A few days ago while Muslims worldwide were gearing up for our major celebration of Eid (the Feast after the Fast), my joy (the word Eid means joy) was taken away by the dreadful murders in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It’s a tragic event and our hearts go out to the families of the Marines killed in this act of terrorism.

Tragic events do happen but never before have I seen apologetics and explanations both from Muslims and non-Muslims that leave me totally dismayed.

Posted on Facebook is the general Muslim reaction: “Why should one dumbass Muslim action stop us from celebrating?” Very few people posted that this tragic event, happened at the end of one of Islam’s holiest months, when any form of violence is explicitly forbidden and when reflection and meditation is the norm.

This is how low we have stooped where we have no reverence for human lives. Terrorist incidents are camouflaged as “lone wolf” and “workplace violence.” The murders of four Marines have been “analyzed” to smithereens by political pundits looking for a motive. Some of the Muslim commentators are those who were known extremists and have now turned “non-radical” for the public (although we know their ideology is still radical).

Ironically one FBI Director suggested that he was unsure of the religion of Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, a naturalized citizen born in Kuwait!

What I did not hear anyone say in the aftermath of the shooting is that on 9/11 radical Islamists declared war on the West and our values of liberty, equality and freedom.

What we have seen since 9/11 are subsequent chapters of the same drama being played out all over the West. The players change, but their intent is the same: We are at war.

Hearing current political commentary, it would seem that only one side knows this – the jihadis. The other side – ordinary citizens think this is a picnic and they can tackle the problem by appeasement and containment.

The current situation is not going to change unless we take immediate action at home and abroad. For those Muslims who think this is a “dumbass Muslim action” I suggest unless dumbass Muslims pull their heads out of the sand, give up the notion and condemn armed jihad wherever and whenever it happens, they may be next.

For non-Muslims it’s time to realise that radical Islam is at war with us – no point in spending valuable time and resources to find motives.

This is a jihad and can only be defeated once we build a strategy like the West built for battling communism – that was the Cold War.

This is a dumbass Jihadi War.

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