The Rise Of Islamic Extremism In Canada

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My family and I came to Canada more than 30 years ago from Pakistan because we saw the rise of Islamist fundamentalism in the land of our birth.


Meeting George Bush for Lunch

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Islamic history is something we do not debate or discuss. We accept it as handed down to us. So we have villains who have been made into heroes and heroes who remain unidentified.


Silence Me? Stand at the End of the Queue!

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Certain quarters on the Left, probably under a lot of $$$$ influence, are suggesting that I’m anti-Muslim.


Why Is Raheel Raza Screaming?

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Having recently addressed the U.S. Congress, Clarion spokeswoman and board member Raheel Raza this week took on Canada’s parliament. Speaking to the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, she urged an end to hate and the promotion of Muslim reformers.


Free Raif Badawi: Plea at UN Human Rights Council

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President Donald Trump in his address to the UN General assembly in New York last week critiqued some of those countries holding positions in the human rights council that offer no human rights for their own citizens.


What Real Islamic Reform Would Look Like

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We know that the Christian Reform movement is celebrating 500 years going back to 1517 when Martin Luther published a protest against the church as it then existed. Reform Hinduism is a movement also known as revivalism. There is reform in Judaism.


Raheel Raza: Let’s Defeat the Ideology

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I testified before Congress Thursday on the subject of radical Islam, “Homegrown Terrorism” and “Countering Violent Extremism.”


Jihadi Jackpot!

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A few days ago we celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday, and I wrote a glowing piece about my love for this country that I call home. This is why when I see something going terribly wrong, it hits me right in the heart.


Clarion’s Raheel Raza at the UN Human Rights Council

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I just returned from attending the 35th session of UNHRC in Geneva. It’s been a year since I’ve been there, and much has changed.


O Canada: Muslim Accommodation Gone Too Far?

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Last week I traveled to Pakistan to attend to my mother-in-law who was very ill. Although I visit my land of birth once a year, this was my husband’s first visit in 16 years.