Breaking News: Monday April 23, 2018
On this most beautiful sunny day after four months, Torontonians were out on the streets to enjoy the weather, when terror struck in the most horrific way. At Yonge and Finch Avenue which is a beautiful, peaceful and diverse area in Toronto where mothers take their kids for walks, older people stroll around and people bring their pets, a van ruthlessly ploughed down pedestrians killing 9 and injuring 16 innocent people (according to current statistics).
Our hearts and thoughts go out to the families of the victims and those injured. Our heartfelt thanks go to the first responders and the brave police officer who brought down the perpetrator without using his firearm although (according to videos) the suspect wanted the policeman to shoot him and said so. Heads up to brave Torontonians who helped when they saw trouble and those who are keeping their cool and continuing with life as usual.
Law enforcement are saying they don’t know the motive. It’s obviously difficult for them to deal with a situation which may be camouflaged in political correctness and cultural sensitivity.
Public Security Minister Ralph Goodale gave a statement to say “it’s too early in the investigation to say if the incident was a terror attack”. However intelligence sources that I know claim that the perpetrator was known to the police. I suspect the official stance will be “mental illness” or “lone wolf”, but the more important question to ask is “who recruited him?”
This attack has all the trappings of a terrorist attack.
• The van was used as a weapon. It’s not by accident that a van drives on a pavement full of pedestrians with whatever murderous intentions the driver had in mind.
• Terror was struck by killing of innocents
• The ideology that facilitates this comes from one of three sources:
o The Wahhabi/Salafi ideology
o The Muslim Brotherhood
o Khomenists
Added to this, the Canadian Governments mandate of not challenging extremism or unmasking the truth has allowed the virus to mutate within the country.
Whether or not we are ever told about the motives of the perpetrator or his ethnic/religious identity, mainstream Muslim reaction will be that they are the victims because the Canadian Government has facilitated this idea through the implementation of M 103 which allows no questioning, discussion or debate. But we must use this tragic incident as an opportunity to have honest conversations, uncomfortable as they may be, about key issues that impact our lives as Canadians.
While this horrific tragedy is unfolding, new to Toronto but seen happening in many International cities around the world, it was only a matter of time…….


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