This July 1 on Canada Day it will be 31 years since we came to Canada. We have lived longer in Canada than any other country including Pakistan which is my land of birth so there is no denying “this is home”.
This is also where the heart is and as I think back, these are some exclusive Canadian qualities that stand out for me.
• The way Canadians stop their cars if geese or ducks are crossing the road
• Canadians are usually reserved, but if you are lost and ask for the way, they will drop everything to guide you and most probably take you to your destination
• How in rural Canada, if you ask the way someone will say “you are here – now you need to get over there” (happened to us in Prince Edward Island and melted my heart)
• Fact that Canadians say “zed” and not “zee”
• Start a line and Canadians will line up behind you. Once there was a long line and only after waiting for a long time, when I went up to the front did I realise that there was nothing there. Someone had just stood there and everyone lined up behind him thinking this was the exit 
• Start a cause and Canadians will rally behind you. I have found Canadians to be the most giving and philanthropic people I have ever met and I am proud to be one
• The way they wear their poppies with pride and remember their Veterans
• They way Canadians don’t like conflict. This has sometimes been a challenge in our work but I love the fact that they mostly believe everyone is good until proven otherwise.
• Their love of reading……I used to watch in fascination on public transit, in parks, waiting rooms, lines – everyone has a book
• Fact that Canadians depend upon a rodent to decide when Spring will come.
• I’m not a super fan of sports but was totally joyous to see the fervour transform from ice hockey to basketball – GO RAPTORS!
• Although complaining is a national pastime, Canadians make the best of all weather conditions.
• Despite vigorous and sometimes hot debates about National identity, one thing Canadians are sure about – THEY ARE NOT AMERICAN!
• Canadians are food junkies and have accepted the transformation from hotdogs to samosas eh.
• Part of the Canadian National Anthem I love best – “We stand on guard for Thee”
I do with all my heart and soul. HAPPY CANADA DAY