In Support for minority Christian and other minority religious communities in the Middle East and the Muslim world Muslims Facing Tomorrow calls for Public Rally on the UN International Day for Peace on Sunday, September 21, 2014 at Queen’s Park, Toronto, from 2 – 4 pm

~ Please join us ~

Muslims Facings Tomorrow (MFT) and its friends across the GTA will be coming together on the steps of Ontario’s Legislature at Queen’s Park to show support for the beleaguered minority communities, Christian and non-Christian, across the Middle East and the Muslim world facing extermination.
ISIS began to over-run parts of Syria and Iraq to establish for itself the Islamic State and declared a Caliphate in June of this year, the minority communities of Christians and non-Christians in the region have been brutally attacked, killed or forcefully converted into Islam under pain of death.
The response from the international community against such barbarity has been appallingly negligible.
As Muslims we are terribly distressed that in the name of Islam barbarism has taken roots in the Middle East, and set out to convert, evict, or destroy Christian and non-Christian communities that pre-date Islam.
Please join us on September 21 at Queen’s Park, Toronto, and let our elected representatives in Ottawa hear from us.

Please contact: Raheel or Sohail Raza, 416-505-1613 or email


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  • Arnold Hatfield says:

    Dear Mrs. Raheel Raza,

    I applaud your noble effort to support persecuted Christians and other minority religious groups in the Muslim majority world. You are a great soul.